Free Fall Chapter 2

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Aramis watched the flow of traffic from his hotel room through the glass doors that led to a small balcony. The room was booked with urgency after the report of the first vampire attack was made public. The idea of organized rogues evoked enough concern to warrant his trip but the moment he set foot onto land, Aramis felt noose of responsibility tighten around his neck. The other regional rulers had brushed off the idea of lending a helping hand to their SA counterpart. The king made a formal request for aid but a request didn’t hold the weight of royal decree.

Jeffery was never social, never bothered with building ties among his kin. Aramis was just loyal enough to offer aid to a family member, whether the old fool wanted it or not. If his mother didn’t adore her brother as much as she did, perhaps Aramis would have ignored the situation alongside the rest of his brethren.

Aramis lifted his wineglass that rested on the side table, swirling the contents. The scent of blood was faint, but unmistakable. By the time Aramis had reached the hotel, he was ravenous. He stared at the swirling liquid, hunger gnawing at his gut. The bloodlust was an unwelcome complication. He would have to leash his instincts if he was going to complete his task.

“Sire,” The voice belong to one of his most loyal people. Revy was a purebred that was lethally gifted. She also walked on the very edge of sanity.

“What is it Revy?”

She wet her dry lips with the tip of her tongue. She was seductive by nature, even though her creamy skin, golden blond hair and eyes that shone silver made her a beautiful women who didn’t need tricks to entice both men and women.

“Jeffery is in over his head. Shivan is prime alpha of this territory and his aggression… is infamous,” she moved towards the couch, “Are you sure you are related,” she asked specifically.

“My mother insists.”

Revy moved with towards the leather covered couch, curled her long legs beneath her as she leaned against her side. Her movements held a feline grace, which reminded him of a feline shifter that had caught his interest…Carly.

She was a feral beauty, sensual in a way that was an inherent part of her nature. He didn’t miss the flashes of temper that lit her eyes. Shifters had a wildness within them that seep through to their personalities and Carly was no exception.

Carly had ignited a different kind of hunger within him. He knew his hunger was radiating through his skin, when Revy reacted. She moved off the couch in a fluid motion to stand inches away from him. Her scent was heavy with her own hunger. He allowed her to lean in close, felt her heated breath against her neck. The near contact should have made him react, but it seemed his craving was highly specific.

“That’s enough Revy.”

“I’m not conceited enough to think I can scratch every itch,” she stepped back and drew her full bottom lip between her teeth,”it’s a shame though. You are a beautiful male.”

“I appreciate the compliment,” he drank the remaining contents of his glass,
“I need more information on Jeffrey’s coven, the fool wouldn’t give me a morsel of detail. If the shifter attack, it will be a head on assault. Jeffery doesn’t stand a chance.” He was too prideful to ask for help and too stupid to hide.

“That should be easy enough.” She smirked confidently.
Aramis watched her leave before he refilled his glass.

THE NEXT DAY Aramis sat across from Carly, she held an empty cup against her cheek. Her eyes were half closed as she relished the contact. Carly’s eyes caught and held his, he forged interest in the blur of activity behind her.

“I like the feel of heat against my cheek,”she admitted, as she reluctantly lowered the cup.

“I did not ask Miss Devon,” he refused to let her realize the effect she had on him, “Are we actually going to do some investigating or am I to watch you down another cup of coffee.”
She looked genuinely offended, “ Bodies with the M.E, male and female, we are assuming they were a couple, but their identities are still unknown.”
“Were they shifters?”
Suspicion reflected in hazel eyes, “Yes.”
“And,” she passed two files to him, “I’m sure any information you require can be found in those.” She turned back to her computer screen, her fingers punishing the keyboard.
“Perhaps Martin has overestimated your capability.”
A flash of temper and her beast coloured her eyes gold, “I am more than capable to investigate this case, but mind-reading isn’t one of my talents. If you asked me directly for the info you need than I will be more than happy to oblige.”
Aramis knew he was being unreasonable, too used to people falling over themselves to please him. They had given him more than what he required without request. Carly wasn’t one of those people and he respected her more for that.

“Okay,I want to know your opinion of the case.” Carly narrowed her eyes, surprise written on her face.

“Well…uhm. I think the rogues aren’t really rogues. The attacks are too planned out, the kill spot was secluded, there was no chance of somebody wondering in unexpectedly,” rogues didn’t think about witnesses, “The perps are intelligent but arrogant .”


“No cop worth their salt would assume this was a rogue attack. The shifters are baying for blood but they haven’t moved yet. A, they know something doesn’t fit and B, they need to be sure before acting.” Carly’s thought process relied on cold logic and common sense, common sense unfortunately was not so common to some. He appreciated her quick assessment.

There was a growing list of attributes he admired about the female.

“We should question Shavin. The Prime alpha may be privy to information vital to the case.”Aramis had intended to meet the prime at some stage. He needed to know what Shavin intended to do.

Carly’s expression was half surprise, half disbelief, “Do you have some kind of death wish, you do not waltz into a meeting with a prime and interrogate him. Shavin is a lion for goodness sakes! His a scary sonofabitch before he shifts, after, he is a freaking living nightmare.”

Carly couldn’t believed he had suggested they interrogate the SA prime. Aramis’s expression had been unreadably until she pointed out the absurdity of his suggestion. His eyes had erupted with flecks of red that was pretty scary in itself. She chewed on the tip of her fingernail, the nervous tick calmed her enough for her to remain seated and not find the nearest exit.

“I happen to be a regional ruler as well, on par with a prime shifter.”

Carly open her mouth to argue, saw the tiniest glimpse of his fangs and thought better. Primes were a force to be reckoned with but she knew nothing of the strength of a vampire lord. She sighed heavily, “I can’t take two vampire into the compound, we can’t take Jared with us.”

“I don’t see the problem.”

No, he wouldn’t have seen the merit of having backup when everything turned to hell. She drew I’m a deep breath, “I’ll call ahead and make the appointment. She didn’t relished the idea of playing referee between Shavin and Aramis.

A few hours later they waited patiently in the lobby of a high-rise in central town. The building was shifter own, managed by the Shavin’s beta. Zekes was built like a professional wrestler with skin the colour or strong coffee, his beast was a dominant bull elephant. Carly usually avoided the big male but Shavin was in the building for a meeting and requested they meet him after.

Carly saw Zekes turned the conner, a bright smile softening his features, “Hey pretty Kitty.”

Annoyance sparked her temper, “Hi,” she hissed, hoping to end the conversation before it started.

“As prickly as ever aren’t we kitty?”

Carly like Zekes well enough, he was a good guy but his persistent pursuit of her was really working her last nerve, “Here on business, we have an appointment with Shavin.” She replied, ignoring his question.

“Leave,” Aramis said. There was so much power coating the word like a cocoon. Carly glance at Aramis and for the second time that day she wondered just how strong was a vampire lord.

Zekes eyes glazed over, sweat broke over his brow. He fought the command, gritting his teeth, skin tight over heavy bone. If he lost control and shifted, the lobby could be destroyed in a matter of minutes. The elephant shifter shook of the command, “Try that again bloodsucker and you won’t live to regret it.”

“Is that so,” Aramis replied, rising to his full height that was only inches shorter than the pissed off shifter in front of him. For a vampire Aramis was a formidable figure.

“Shavin is not going to like this.” Carly warned, hoping the two males would come to their senses,“Damn it Zekes, Aramis is a French Lord, the last thing we need is a regional war.”

Zekes took a step back, visibly calmed, “Shavin is in the conference room on the second floor.” tugged the edged of Aramis’s tailored suit, he was rooted to the floor, “Aramis please.”

The vampire pulled his gaze from Zekes, “Remove you hand Miss Devon.” His tone was a blade. Carly let go and moved back, turning she walked away from the him and towards the elevator. She had little patience for the childish display or Aramis’s clear distaste for her.

She tap on the elevator button and waited for the doors to open. She felt the weight of his present before she turned to confirm that Aramis was behind her, “Done?” She asked, as she impatiently pressed the elevator button again.

Carly wanted to ban Aramis from accompanying her to the conference room that inhabited another male that had no patience and was as aggressive as the Aramis had proven to be. She felt her head pound as she rubbed her temples.


Free Fall Ch.01

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Again this is unedited and the next chapter will be up Friday.

Chapter one

The pile of papers on her decks added to her rapidly increasing irritation. She pulled the hairband that kept her long dark hair restrained and knotted the mass neatly. Her skin was the colour of milk chocolate and glistened with a sheen of sweat, the heat generated from the computer was another point of irritation.

Carly was confined to deck duty after a serial killer decided it would entertaining to attack the led investigator with a chainsaw.

Crazy bastard. He had left a trail of body parts shattered in the homes of his victims. The carnage was nauseatingly bloody. Forensics had failed to link the murders together, the victims having no relation, except for the way they died. The investigation had gone critical when the time between murders got closer.

Carly didn’t expect to find the killer, chainsaw in hand, at the gate of her flat. He charged her Kia, the chainsaw cutting through the metal like butter. She managed to get out before the blade had pierced her skin. Carly was a shifter, a cheetah, her speed had enabled her to dodged the slashes of the chainsaw but his movements were unpredictable.

Pain pulsed through her veins leaving her breathless. Her bones were too dense to cut through, saving her arm from being severed, the pain was a trigger that removed the restraints. She had snapped his fragile neck before could stop herself. She didn’t want him to die that way, the families of his victims deserved that right.

The smell of coffee drew her attention away from the memories. The office that was her prison belonged to the SA para police department. Carly looked around for her partner, she wanted a cup of coffee and Jared had the skills of a barista.

“Davy, you seen Jared anywhere?” She queried, her eye searching for her partner even as she questioned her college.

David Corian, was a vampire with the temperament of a honey badger. He turned to face her, those green eyes reminding her of a reptile, “Names David, I appreciate it, if you didn’t shorten my name.”

What did she expect? His personality left a bitter taste on her tongue but she would maintained a professional relationship. Even if she wanted to stab him with a blunt object most of the time, “Sorry David.” She smiled, her claws gripping the edge of her deck.

Carly turned back to the screen of her computer. A freshly brewed cup of coffee on her deck made her sigh, she looked up at the male leaning against the side of her deck. Jared was the definition of tall, dark and handsome. His tanned honey toned skin glowed with health, eyes, a dark grey and hair, a deep chocolate brown. She would admit he was a delicious package but he was her partner first, eye candy second.

She reached for her cup and relished the feel of heat against her fingers, “You are a godsend!”

“I should record that, for the next time you cuss me out.”

“Whatever,” she said, as she sipped the aromatic liquid. Yeah, he was talented . The coffee rivaled the hot chocolate he masterfully brewed.

Carly put her coffee down reluctantly and watched Jared, his brows farrowed and shoulders tense, “What’s eating you?” The look in his eyes was conflicted, her curiosity ignited, “Spit it out before you faint, Jared.”

“Shifters kicking up a storm. Rogue vampires running rampant.” He leaned closer, “We need a shifter on this case Carly. Martin won’t admit it but we are inches away from a civil war if this situation isn’t dealt with.”

Carly’s eyes lingered on the door of their captain, “I have a psyche evaluation later today. If the shrink clears me, I’ll be on the case. The cap knows my worth and I have enough influence on the district alpha to settle the pack .” She was the led investigator on a number of cases, earned her merit with a sharp mind and good instincts.

“I don’t want to push you, Carly. Take all the time you need.”

She couldn’t stand to hear more before she cut him off, “If I have to stare at the computer screen for even one more day, I swear I’ll throw the damn thing out the window.”

“Carly, Docs ready for you!” Jazz screamed from across the room, damn zebra shifter was loud. She was also one of the few females within the department.

Carly ignored Jared laughing eyes, got up and walked towards the office where a psychologist waited to delve into the recesses of her mind. She partially felt sorry for him or her. Her mind was a dark place.

When she walked in to face a young female with a pen firmly lodged in her hair, Carly rolled her hazel eyes. The women didn’t look like the usual police psyche, she was too timid to fit the mould. Her curls were wild, bright hopeful brown eyes against rich cocoa colored skin.

“Hi, I’m Doctor Zulu, I will be doing your assessment.”

Carly took one look at her warm smile and decided she liked the women, “Carly Devon, as you know. Pleasure to meet you.” And it was, Carly didn’t get along with women, something about her seem to repel them.

They discussed the attack in cringing detail, the memory still fresh. She hid none of emotion surrounding the incident but she did not reveal the suspicion that ate at her, because the killer wouldn’t have known where to find her, if one of her own hadn’t betrayed her.

That betrayal hurt. The idea of being offered up on a silver platter threatened to etch away at her sanity.

“Well, congratulations Miss Devon, I’m happy to clear you for duty.”

Carly thanked the Doctor, and headed straight to her captains office.

She knocked once before swinging the door open. As soon as she opens the door, regret was the first flooring emotion that choked her. Her captain was Martin Reine, a dark fey that as beautiful as he was dangerous. The man that sat across him made Martin look like an awkward teenager.

Her captain was no teenager,built like a male should be, filled out in all the right places, his hair was cropped short but didn’t take away from his appeal. His amber eyes locked onto hers, narrowed, but he didn’t yell or demand she leave.

So she waited.

She recognized the male that sat across her captain as Aramis Laurent, he was on the French regional council, presenting the vampires of that region. He was 6 foot 2 and drool worthy.

“Aramis, this is Carly Devon, she will be in charge of the case concerning the rogues.”

Carly didn’t let her surprise show as she held out her hand to the male across from her captain. He glance at her hand as if it was disgusting before turning his attention back to Martin. Carly retrieved her hand, envisioned herself impaling Aramis on a dull edged wooden stake. He wouldn’t die from the wound but it would give her pleasure nonetheless.

“Is she competent?”

Still in the room asshole, “I apologize for the interruption, and I assure you I am very competent.”

“An apologize after the fact doesn’t change the situation and I was addressing Martin, not you Miss Devon.”

Dislike was graduating to loath at a rapid pace.

“She’s one of our best, this case will receive the attention it deserves.” Martins confidence in her lightened the edge of her temper. If he had faith in her skills than she would do everything in her power to prove her worth.

“I see,” Aramis said, turning those red rimmed green eyes on her. His chiseled features were inhumanly perfect, hair that held as slight curl, he left his long and loose, the colour a blend of red, gold and black.

“Good, Aramis please trust Carly as you would me,” Aramis snorted in response, but let Martin continue, “There’s a scene I need you both to check out.” Martin reached for a file on his deck and handed it to Aramis.

He flipped through the pages and held the file over his shoulder, Carly took it from him. She would choose her battles and this wasn’t worth the aggravation.

“My car or yours?” She really wished he would choose his, it would give her time to go over the crime scene photos.

“You drive Miss Devon, I’m still getting familiar with the area.” He rose from his seat, shook Martins hand and waited for her to led the way.

Carly really wasn’t looking forward to babysitting, but Aramis was a regional ruler, logical said he was dangerous, instinct told her this case was more intricate than she had initially thought.

She stepped out of the captains office, file in hand, “Jared, I call shotgun!” Having her partner drive was a a convenient solution. She could go over the file and have Aramis at a distance. He was probably more comfortable in the back seat.

Jared looked up for his deck that was opposite hers, “As long as I have control of the radio,” he replied, packing up his things in preparation to leave. He paused when he saw the male that was a few steps too close to her.

“Aramis,” Jared greeted. He was a vampire, probably knew more about the regional ruler than Carly even wanted to know.

“Jared…I didn’t think the South African sun would be to your liking.” Born vampires walked freely during the day, made vampire built an immunity only through age. Jared was made, although he was centuries old, he still couldn’t stand the heat of the midday sun.

“This land has its charms.” Jared said. He put on his coat and grabbed his car keys and waited.

“Scene is in the outskirts of town, abandoned warehouse, here’s the addy,” Carly said as she handed Jared and address.

The crime was chaos within the confines of the building, the scents were so meshed together it was hard to decipher. Carly knelt on the cold concrete and felt the damp sticky traces of semi-dried blood. The victims were being processed by forensics, but the senses of a shifter could extract enough information to know there were no trace of evidence.

Rogues didn’t function that way, “There’s nothing here,” she said, as she looked around the building, noting the tinted windows and boarded up doors.

“No, yet the attack was pure carnage.” Aramis spoke as he took in the scene. The victims had their throats ripped out, a clear vampire assault.

“This ain’t no simple rogue attack.” Jared commented.

“No…this was worse.” This was done by individuals that were very much sane. Which made them ten times more dangerous.

Raging Storm

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This story is a re-write of BAD WEATHER. The below chapter was not edited and may contain errors.

Chapter one

She grew up in a cardboard box covered by a thin layer of plastic. The ally that was her home for a good part of her childhood was clean, but the smell of carbon monoxide, cigarettes and rotting food lingered in the air. That scent was imprinted on her memory.

Life was never meant to be easy, it was a grueling, embroidered with experiences that were both exhilarating and disappointing. Kiara Saint had felt the cold chill her bones, hunger claw at her belly till she collapsed on the hard concrete of the sidewalk but she had also felt the warmth of stranger’s kindness. She wouldn’t trade her memories, the experiences that had shaped her.

She never expected to be  surround by the concrete jungle of Manhattan, as rain poured from the heavens wetting her caramel colored skin. Leaning against her Toyota, she rasping her nails against the metal of her car door. The nervous habit helped her think, but her mind was mush, she couldn’t process a single intelligent thought.

“Cowardice was never a trait you possessed.”

Kiara growled a warning but didn’t deny the accusation, because in that moment she knew he was right.

She looked away from the night sky to stare into the baby blues eyes of her beta. Avery was a handsome male with sandy blond streaked with brown, but she never forgot the strength that had earned his place within her pack. She was Alpha born, a mixed blood female with enough strength to gather a group of misfits and make them a pack but they were more than thatw to her, they were family.

“Perhaps, it’s the rain that gives me courage,” Kiara pushed off the car and pulled out a hair band from her pocket, her deep blue-black waves were wet and heavy as she knotted it untidily at the back of her head.

“You could have at least dressed up a little.”

“Really?” Kiara narrowed storm grey eyes, “Avery, I think I have more important things to think about, like not getting my ass kicked by a Primp Alpha.”

“Prime Alpha.” Avery corrected. When the monarchy still ruled; Prime’s were generals. Only four existed since the shifter monarchy dissolved but each were a force to be reckoned with.

“They are all prim and proper, they are Primp.”

A heavy sigh from her blond, blue eyed beta, “I know Seth, he is a predator by every definition of the word. Don’t mince your words outside the pack.”

“You can lecture me another time,” Kiara didn’t wait for a reply, choosing instead to walk towards the Tate hotel. The hotel was home to the Azrael pack and the shifter that had built a hotel empire through his own perseverance was also Prime Alpha of Northlin, Seth Azrael.

Avery trusted the Azrael Alpha, knew his rise was not conventional. Kiara trusted Avery’s judgement but hope was a dangerous emotion. She couldn’t allow herself to relax, especial with the lives of her people on the line. wShe usually wouldn’t tempt fate, but she was an Alpha herself, responsible for more than just her life.

Stray strands of blue-black hair clung to her wet skin; she rubbed her palms together, letting the friction generate enough heat to warm her fingers. Pausing at the entrance, she gave the doorman a shaky smile before she stepped through the most stunningly built hotel she had ever seen.

The building was classically beautiful; the lush cream carpet was luxury personified and so clean. Kiara felt the stares of every being with a fraction of shifter blood flowing through their veins. Well…she came too far to back down now.

“Hi, can I request a meeting with Seth Azrael,” Kiara asked the receptionist at the front desk. The female was petite but she was a shifter. The general rule when trespassing was you announce your presence to the ruling Alpha and request residence. Kiara had a more complex request in mind.

“The…” The female started, looking up from her deck and stopped mid sentence.

Kiara saw fascination in the young female’s warm brown eyes. She knew her hair was a mess, caramel colored skin damp from the storm, and clothes wet from the rain. If Kiara had chosen to wear anything but leather, her clothes would have been transparent.

“The Prime doesn’t directly meet outsiders; you can meet Dorian,” the female shuffled pages over her desk, “Next week.”

“That’s too long,” Kiara hissed, steel grey eyes shifting, a momentary slip of control.

Fear laced the air, the scent burning her senses. Kiara’s eyes were unique to the one bloodline of shifters that had earned their right to rule through a river of blood.

Blue fire, the hottest core of a flame reflected in the eyes of the ‘Rikka Saint’s’.

The receptionist fingers trembled as she dialed her phone, “Dorian, there’s a ‘Rikka Saint’ at reception.”

Kiara bit her lip, intentionally allowing the misunderstanding. She had the eyes but she couldn’t claim to be a ‘Rikka Saint’. She had inherited traits from parents she did not know. Her abilities had painted a target on her back, and endangered the people that had become her family, her pack.

The response on the other end of the phone when it came was whisper soft since Kiara didn’t hear a reply. She frowned when the young receptionist continued to tremble.

“Your heart is so full.”

“S…Sorry,” The receptionist stuttered. Alphas had the inborn ability to read people like lines from a book.  The ability enabling them to exploit an opponent’s weaknesses in battle and assess the individual needs of each pack-mate.

“A Delta born, your heart is open and honest, a valued pack-mate. Please don’t let fear taint your scent, I mean you no harm.” Kiara’s voice was a calm command.

The female looked up for a brief moment before lowering her head in submission, but her scent was no longer tainted by fear, her fingers more steady as she cleaned up the shuffled papers on her desk.

A prickle of power lit the air, the spark provoking her to growl deep in her throat. A scent of mint and ice, clean but sharp. Kiara’s eyes darted to the elevator as the doors closed behind the most breathtaking male she had ever seen. Pale, flawless skin, with hair that shone red when light reflected over strands that appeared black. His hair was slightly too long but straight and those eyes, copper flecked of gold. He was most definitely a shifter, but one that held a considerable amount of power.

“Who are you?” The question caught her off guard.

His voice was deeply masculine but the tone grated on her nerves, “That’s not exactly a greeting,” She snapped back.

The male’s eye narrowed, gold shimmering bright, “” He repeated, slowly dragging the words as if talking to a child.

Lightning flashed moments before a crackle of thunder erupted. Kiara’s eyes had turned wolf blue, her anger building steadily, if she didn’t have the weight of 30 lives on her shoulders she would have slugged the too pretty shifter, but she had run out of options.

“I seek sanctuary for 30, they are not all shifters but they are all pack.”  Her own pride made her ignore his demand.

“You didn’t answer the question.”

Stubborn, rude male wasn’t allowing her to explain her situation. She could feel his strength, knew it might rival her own strength. She tasted blood in her month before she realized she’d bitten the inside of her cheek to leash her temper.

The male frowned, his ethereal eyes concerned, “I shall provide sanctuary to your pack under one condition.”

Kiara’s shock was clearly written on her face when she glance up to meet copper eyes flecked with gold…that were laughing at her. She was too stunned to realize she was holding his gaze until the Receptionist gasped.

“What do you mean?” Kiara asked cautiously, she couldn’t afford a misunderstanding.

“We can discuss the details tomorrow, speak to Megan,” he gestured to the receptionist, “She can set up the time and location.” He glanced up towards the elevator, impatience written in his features.

“In a hurry?” The words slipped her lips before her brain had a chance to process them.

He flashed a feral smile, “There’s a pretty young lady that requires my attention.”

The storm raged on her behalf. Flashes of lighting illuminated the sky. The wilderness within her woke and tasted the charge in the air. She couldn’t control the shifting of her eyes but she pulled the leash on her instinct to tease Seth into a battle. The temptation to test his strength was an ache in her belly.

“If I didn’t know any better I would think you were challenging me?”His voice was whisper soft but feral. Kiara skin tingled; dancing with danger was not good for her health or her sanity. He was too close. She didn’t realize that he had moved until she felt the heat off his skin.

“I may be many things,” She said, voice tight, “but a fool isn’t one of them.”

A subtle shif t in the air and Kiara knew her betas had entered the hotel. Seth’s eyes had shifted to pure gold, but his expression was unreadable.

“My betas,” Kiara confessed the two males were dripping wet as they approached and a scruffy duo but they were hers. They were part of the only family she had ever known, those bonds forged through shared pain and anguish.

Avery was the first to reach Kiara’s side. Caleb was second, his dark skin contrasting with deep hazel eyes. Caleb wasn’t as built as Avery, his specialist laying in his skill as a tracker.

“Seth,” Avery said in greeting.

“Been a while Avery, I didn’t realize you aligned yourself with a pack.”

“I didn’t give my loyalty lightly. Kiara is worth following.” Avery answered sincerely.

“Then I will leave Kiara,” he emphasized her name, “in your care.

When Seth reached his room, as he expected, there were already two men just outside his door. They were Seth’s betas. Before he headed to the ground floor to deal with the trespasser, he had summoned them. He couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling that plagued him. He needed his sister found and, more than anything; he needed her to be safe.

“Dorian, I need a scout to be sent out. Savannah is missing,” Seth told the man leaning against the wall.

He was Seth’s height, 6 foot 3, and built like a hunter. Hunters were tanks, meant for all out battle. Dorian ran his fingers through his dark, shoulder length hair and nodded to his alpha before leaving to complete his orders.

“Should I inform her mate?”

The other man, Matt, was Seth’s right hand. He was powerful and gifted, an alpha in his own right, but he chose to stand by Seth as his beta. Matt was a guardian wolf, a protector by nature, slightly shorter than Seth and, as opposed to Seth’s dark features, Matt had white blond hair that was tied back with a leather band and pale blue eyes.

“Knowing Soren, he already knows there is something amiss. Get in contact with him anyway and call the Regionally Council,” Seth answered.

“Seth, the girl, Kiara…I’ve heard that the Aria Council sees her as a threat,” Matt said cautiously. He had never seen Seth act so mercifully towards a trespasser. The girl was obviously special.

“What kind of threat?” Seth asked, glaring at his beta.

“I don’t have enough information to say for sure, but I will dig up more, if that’s required.”

“It is required; I want everything you can get me, Matt.” Seth dismissed his beta with a simple hand gesture.

Seth walked into his penthouse suite to the sound of the soft cries of a child. He smiled as he walked towards his bedroom. His niece was 8 month olds and the mirror reflection of his sister, Savannah. Silk soft chocolate brown locks frame a cherub face; her eyes were a light hazel. Surrounded by soft pillows and covered with a blanket, she was restless as Seth picked her up and cradled her to his chest.

Tyla had been soundly asleep when he had received a call about a Rikka Saint at reception. The uneasiness of knowing something was amiss had led him to handle the situation personally. He didn’t expect to come face to face with his mate. She had been fierce and protective of her own, if Seth didn’t have to return to Tyla, he would have indulged her desire to test her strength against his own. Perhaps when the dust settles and Savannah was home safely, he would get to know more about the stubborn female with blue fire in her eyes.


Blood seeped from open wounds made by claws and teeth. She crouched low, watched for the slightest of opening, when it came, there was no hesitation. She sunk her teeth into his throat piercing flesh; jerking hard, ripping flesh from bone. She was a wolf, while her opponent was a hyena. In hybrid form, the two shifters snapped at each other with razor sharp teeth, the smaller black female skillfully locked her jaws around the much bigger shifter’s throat. The larger, male hyena yelped and swiped his claws at her, tearing bloody furrows in the back of the black werewolf.


The smaller female was not intimidated by size and she wasn’t going to acknowledge the pain of her wounds until after the battle. She used her speed and skill to lock onto her opponent’s neck again. This time, she pulled her head back and ripped his throat out; she didn’t have to check to know that her attacker was dead.


She fell to the ground and made a mental note of all her injuries. Most were from the attacker’s claws and a few shallow bite marks marred her beautiful black coat, but she was well enough to walk and she thought of one place she felt the safest…in the arms of her mate.


Savannah shifted back to her human form and whimpered in pain as she got up from the dirty floor. All her senses were out of sync and she barely remembered her own name. Whoever wanted her dead had tried very hard to disable her and leave her defenseless, but the fool didn’t know her very well. Savannah was an Alpha in every sense of the word. It was not only because of her powerful extra ability, although she did favor it a lot during battle.


After a few minutes of rest, she wanted to start moving again. She didn’t like staying in one spot for too long, not with what happened still fresh in her memory.


“Impressive. I must say, I never expected you to survive.” She noticed his voice was smooth and hypnotic as she stared hatefully into his emerald green eyes. He walked into the alley but stood just beyond her reach.


“Sorry if I disappointed you,” Savannah hissed. She couldn’t sense his presence, let alone scent him in the air. What was wrong with her? And she couldn’t move!


“What did you do to me and who the hell are you?” she asked, fighting the heaviness of her eyelids.


“James’ claws were laced with a drug,” he gestured to the dead shifter, “I don’t believe he expected you to last this long.” There was an undertone of respect in his voice.


“Give in to the drug, sweetheart. I don’t want to hurt you.” He sounded sincere, but how could she trust a man who was waiting for her lose consciousness.


Note: I am cleaning the entire story up. So comments are welcome. I will also post a ‘Free Fall’…which is a free-to-read story and will be updated weekly.

Firestorm Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Micah woke up to the infernal beeping of her cell phone. She had set the alarm on the cell so she wouldn’t oversleep, but hated having to leave her bed so soon when insomnia had plagued her most of the night. Still groggy from lack of sleep, she reached for the phone as she sat up to squint at the screen and switch off the alarm.


The sun hadn’t risen as yet, but Micah wanted to get an early start. She swung her feet off the bed and shoved her blanket aside. The cold air made goose bumps erupt over her smooth skin and she was tempted to pull her blanket back over herself.


There was only one mirror in the room. It was hoisted on the wall directly opposite the front door, and Micah groaned when she caught sight of her reflection. She looked a right mess, her hair knotted and her nightshirt wrinkled.


A warm shower beckoned. She collected her clothes that were still packed away in her suitcase and was on her way to the bathroom when she stilled mid-step and turned to check if the bedroom door was still locked.


Before she could get to the door, a key turned in the lock and a quick knock came before the door swung open. The shock of such an intrusion sent adrenaline racing through her system, and she dropped down into a defensive position, growling before she recognized the scent of her unwelcome intruder.


“What is it, Caspian?” she hissed behind clenched teeth as she straightened from her crouching position. She was not a morning person, was naturally very grumpy when she woke from a restless sleep.


He stepped into the doorway. “I heard movement and I assumed you were awake.”


“You’re half-right, ‘cause I’m half-awake. Give me an hour, will you.”


Caspian’s cocky smile only served to increase her irritation. She was so tempted to slam the door on his undeniably handsome face. How dare he look so delicious when she looked like crap, she thought, self-consciously combing her hand through her messy hair.


Her eyes narrowed as Caspian’s gaze travelled down her body and lingered on her thighs. Her sleep shirt didn’t cover much.


“What do you want?” Micah asked again as she resisted the urge to tug her nightshirt down, not wanting to acknowledge her discomfort with his attention. She had no patience, especially in the mornings but there was something about Caspian that melted the fence she had erected around herself long ago. The heat of his gaze was scorching; she just couldn’t allow it to burn her.


“I wanted to invite you to escort me to a club tonight.” Caspian voice was sexy as sin. It ran down her body, sending a wave of sensation through her.


“You got to be joking; my duties do not include being your escort when you don’t have someone to accompany you.” Micah argued.


Caspian tensed as his expression grow colder. “You will act as my bodyguard then.”


She would have argued further but Caspian had already turned and was walking away.


Micah growled as she slammed the door shut. Leaning back against the closed door with her eyes shut, she drew in a deep calming breath, but it only made her more aware of the scent Caspian had left behind. She cursed when she opened her eyes and saw nothing but blue all over the damned room.  She stalked to the bathroom, hoping a hot shower would calm her.


Micah stayed under the hot spray until the bathroom was full of steam and her skin had wrinkled at the fingertips and toes. She returned to her room wearing nothing but a fluffy white towel, then tossed her clothes onto her bed and moved the wet tendrils of darkened blood red hair away from her face.


One more glance at the blue and purple wallpaper and her temper snapped. She found herself moving towards the offensive wallpaper, picking up the sharpest object she could find. It turned out to be her pink pen with the fluffy tail.


She ripped into the wallpaper, growling as her eyes glowed amber. The paper wouldn’t come off fast enough, so she dropped the pen and raked her claws across the walls, ripping the paper off the more efficiently.


Half an hour later the floor was covered in piles of torn wallpaper. Micah grinned in satisfaction as she dropped her towel and changed into black jeans and a tight white shirt.




The day was nothing short of boring, the silence was deafening. She craved sound. She missed Avery’s stern voice scolding the younger wolves for sparring. She yearned to hear Caleb’s soothing voice as he offered advice and council. Heck, she’d even be happy to hear Cole’s annoying teasing. She especially missed Kiki. Micah’s Alpha held a very special place in her heart; like so many in the original Saint pack, Micah owed so much to her Alpha.


It was nearly sunset when Micah finally left the security room to train, knowing that the motion detectors would trigger the alarm she wore on her wrist if intruders attempted to get on the grounds. Her feral side was growing restless. She wasn’t accustomed to being suppressed and she rebelled against the tight leash. She was so tempted to shift and run through the garden but she didn’t know how Caspian’s coven would react and they were beginning to stir, so she headed to the arena instead.


It was thankfully empty and Micah dropped her black denim coat before walking to the centre of the arena to practice her kata and sword technique. She repeated the movements over and over, getting better with each repetition. Fighting had to be instinctive, the movement imprinted so deep into one’s mind it became second nature.


It was almost an hour later when Micah finally dropped down on the mat. She was exhausted though she enjoyed the ache in her muscles. It gave her a sense of accomplishment. It was the competitive nature of her wolf to constantly strive for perfection; she would never be satisfied with simply being good. She wanted to be exceptional.


Caspian’s scent wafted through the air and Micah groaned as she remembered she was supposed to be his bodyguard at a club tonight.


She opened her eyes and turned to see him approach. “Can’t I…”


“No,” Caspian interrupted, knowing she’d continue their unfinished argument the first chance she had. “I want you dressed and ready to leave in an hour.”


He looked down at her and had to hide his reaction. She was a tempting sight with her hair fanned out over the mat. He could also see that she was tired, and he had to resist the temptation to let her rest. An unfamiliar ache in his chest had him frowning.


“What?” Micah asked as she pulled herself up.


“Nothing,” he hissed, before turning abruptly and walking away.


Micah couldn’t help feeling bereft as she watched him go. She knew shouldn’t care that he was always walking away from her. Vampires recognized their mates from the taste of their blood. They didn’t feel the pull as strongly as a were would.


Perhaps it was just as well that Caspian didn’t acknowledge any attraction to her beyond a few lust-filled looks. She had no plans to ever reveal herself as his true mate.


She couldn’t help the subtle ache in her heart.




The club was Diablo. Micah should have known they’d ended up here. The vampire club was infamous among the paranormal community. Its slightly grungy exterior was designed to make outsiders think it was nothing special.


The bouncers that closely guarded the entrance were massive in build, easily the size of hunter wolves, but they did nothing to hinder Caspian and his party when they walked past the entrance.


Caspian looked yummy, as usual. He made the simple dark denim and plain t-shirt he wore look sinful. Perhaps, she admitted to herself, it wasn’t the clothes but the person beneath them that made the clothes look good.


He had four guards including Leigh and herself. She kept herself in the shadow of his guards. The last thing Micah wanted was attention. This was a vampire club, uncharted territory for a werewolf and for good reason.


The interior of the club surprisingly wasn’t grungy in the slightest. It was a blend of gothic and contemporary and the place was packed. The dimly-lit dance floor was crowded with people enjoyed the rhythmic beat of the music.


Micah was unaccustomed to clubs, and the music in this one was far too loud for her taste and had her ears ringing. They’d just arrived and already she could feel a headache start to pound at her temples.


“Stay close,” Caspian called out to her over his shoulder.


She had just picked up her pace to try to keep up when a vampire stepped forward to block her path. He grabbed her arm so hard that the grip was bruising. “You shouldn’t be here,” he hissed, staring at Micah with red-rimmed eyes.


“I’ve heard that before,” Micah answered, tugging against his hold to no avail as the vampire’s grip tightened. Immediately, her wolf surfaced and her eyes glowed amber in warning before she flipped the vampire onto his back. The action was quick and fluid. The strength she possessed came as a surprise to the dazed vampire who was now flat on his back.


“Stay close to Caspian and me!” Leigh growled from behind her.


She turned to find both men waiting impatiently. Micah gave the security head a guilty look. “Sorry.”


Micah turned to Caspian, waiting for him to speak. He seemed to hesitate before issuing the order. “Survey the area.”


She watched as Caspian turned and glided up a staircase with intricately designed railings. The bouncer at the base of the staircase eyed her suspiciously. She flashed him a sweet smile, and was stunned when he smiled back and nodded.


“Hi,” she greeted.


“You certainly have guts little wolf,” the bouncer replied. He showed no hostility, which intrigued Micah.


“What can I say? I love danger,” Micah said. She had an instant liking for the bouncer.


He had a big build and stood about 6 feet tall. His friendly brown eyes were comforting in a place where she felt so out of place.


He combed his hand through his thick brown hair, “If danger is what you’re looking for, then you’re in the right place. My name’s Ray.”


“Micah. Nice to meet you, Ray. I don’t really have a choice, I’m forced to be here,” Micah said, as her eyes glanced up towards where Caspian had gone. She couldn’t see him but she knew he was still upstairs.


“The upper level is reserved for the VIP’s. Word of warning, it’s not a place for someone as young or innocent as you, little wolf.”


Micah took a moment to absorb Ray’s statement. She never doubted that he spoke truthfully. “Thanks,” she said as she walked away from him to begin her sweep of the room.


It was not common knowledge, but Micah had many talents that were inherited from a nearly extinct species. She was a half-breed, with both wolf and seraphim blood flowing through her veins. The seraphim part of her could sense evil as a taint within a person or place.


She had known as soon as she set foot in this club that the place was tainted with evil, that the very foundations rippled with the sins of people who have committed unforgivable acts within its walls.


Determined to fulfill her duty, she walked towards the bar that ran alongside the dance floor, ignoring the occasional hissing she received from the vampires she passed. None of the vampires tried to stop her this time; most of the club’s patrons were packed on the dance floor, gyrating to the trance music that was as hypnotic as Caspian’s voice.


She finally reached the bar, wrinkling her nose at the sharp scent of blood that came from the slightly pink drink that the vampire woman next to her sipped. She curiously inspected the drink and wasn’t surprised to find it contained trace amounts of blood.


The bar provided a good view of the floor layout. Micah would have preferred the vantage point from the upper level but she knew she would be unwelcome in the VIP area.


Micah sighed as prolonged exposure to the taint in the club began to affect her. Sweat broke out over her brow and she felt her lungs burn for air. She fought to urge to pant as each breath left her more uneasy.


She rubbed her temples as the slight throbbing of her temple evolved into a full blow migraine. Giving in, she searched for an exit and moved quickly past the crowd. She bumped into Ray as she rushed to escape the suffocating effect of the taint, missing the look of pity on his face.


She had chosen the back exit, believing she would find more privacy there to recover. She had never had her mind and body in such turmoil before. It felt so unnatural.


“Hi bitch,” a vampire hissed as he reached for her from behind. She had been so distracted that she had blindly walked into danger.


She flinched away from the vampire. His eyes were a deep red; he was out of his mind with blood lust.


“My blood can kill you,” Micah warned him as she tamed her harsh breathing.

“I’m half Seraphim; I’m bound by the law of my people to warn you that my blood is deadlier to you than a stake through your heart.”


The vampire scoffed, not believing a word she had spoken. Micah cursed as she took a step backward. She scanned the vampire, finding the overwhelming need to feed but there wasn’t any taint, which confused her.


“I don’t want to hurt an innocent.” Micah held up a hand as tried to think of a way to diffuse the situation. It was hard to concentrate when her head was still throbbing painfully.


The vampire lunged for her and she barely managed to dodge the attack.


“Please, I don’t want to hurt you,” Micah pleaded as she took another step backward.


Bloodlust was an all-consuming need; she knew there was nothing that could convince the vampire he would lose his life if he tasted a drop of her blood, but she had to try to reason with him. Seraphim blood had toxins that were fatal to any being that wasn’t the mate of those individual seraphim. It was fate‘s way of protecting them. Unfortunately it had not been enough to stop the massacre that nearly wiped out the species.


The vampire paused to study Micah. It made her hope that she had gotten through to him. The calm didn’t last long, though. Micah felt her pulse race as an overwhelming fear gripped her, almost paralyzing her in its intensity. She couldn’t understand what she was afraid off. She had faced much greater threats before and had never had felt so afraid.


Sensing the weakness within its pray, the vampire attacked. He swiped his talons and got nothing but air as he stared at the vacant spot where Micah had been moments ago.


She had moved out of the way but hadn’t been fast enough to avoid injury. He had slashed her upper arm. The wound was shallow but she knew the scent of blood would send the vampire hurdling over the edge of sanity. He was now beyond all reason.

He moved clumsily, trying to cause as much injury to Micah without thinking through his attacks. Micah was lucky she dodged each attack easily but the fear that raced through her was increasing by the second.


She reacted too slowly to one more strike against her sensitive stomach. Pain blossomed but Micah only reacted with a sharp gasp for air. She was trained never to acknowledge pain till the battle was done and this battle was far from over.


The two adversaries danced around each other, the vampire on the offence and the wolf simply defending, reluctant to hurt an innocent.



Vampire and wolf were so absorbed circling each other that when the door cracked open, it startled them both.


The woman that walked out the door was human, and Micah cursed her luck. The vampire, sensing the new, weaker prey shifted his focus.


Micah moved quickly to place herself in front of the woman before the vampire could harm her.


The human was slight of build, with deep chocolate skin and braided hair. Her brown eyes widened in fear as she let out an ear-piercing scream.


Micah shoved the woman behind her when she tried to run. That momentary shift in focus cost her; the vampire sank four long lethal talons into her stomach. Micah bit her bottom lip as she stifled a scream. Trying her best to ignore the pain, she slammed her fist into the face of the vampire. He stumbled back.


Micah fought back against the strange fear that plagued her and tried to protect the woman who cowered nearby.


“Damn it, lady, would you stop trying to run! The safest place for you is behind me right now.”


The cunning vampire was quick to exploit the other woman’s arrival. Micah blocked his swipes but she couldn’t move out of harm’s way without leaving the human vulnerable to attack. She suffered a blow to the chest that knocked the air out of her lungs.


Micah hissed in pain, wrapping her arms around the wounds in her belly. She had only lost her focus for a millisecond, but it was enough. The human behind Micah screamed loudly when the vampire reached her.


Enraged, Micah growled, her craws extending as she rushed the vampire whose fangs were now embedded in the human woman’s throat. She swiped the back of the vampire’s knee with all the power she could muster. He lost his balance and was forced to retract his fangs from the woman. Micah swiftly turned and grabbed the vampire in a headlock. She broke his neck to incapacitate him, knowing the damage was temporary. She shoved hard and watched as he slammed into the wall behind him, dazed. It gave her enough time to grab the woman and escape back into the club.


The woman was weak from blood loss and had to lean against Micah. She half-dragged the human toward the base of the staircase where she had last seen Caspian. Micah could hear the woman’s pulse start to slow down. She needed help to get the woman to safety and heal her.


She reached the staircase and was surprised and relieved to see Caspian gliding toward her. When he moved to pull the now unconscious woman from Micah’s grip, she reluctantly handed the human over.


“What happened?” Caspian asked as he easily lifted the woman into his arms.


“Vampire plagued by blood lust,” Micah uttered the words through pain-clenched teeth.


Caspian just nodded in answer as he made his way toward the exit with Micah and the rest of his entourage following closely behind. No one said another word as they returned to the waiting cars. Suspicion clawed at her.


The ride back in Caspian’s limo was a silent one. Micah tried not to move to avoid aggravating the sting of the wounds in her belly. Though she was certain Caspian and Leigh could smell the blood that flowed her wounds , their masks of indifference never shattered. They seemed unaffected by the scent of blood that wafted so strongly in the air. Micah had never witnessed such restraint from vampires, except for Dante… Dante, who had raised her, trained her, and showed her that life didn’t have to be painted in blood.


“How bad are your injuries?” Caspian finally spoke, his voice ice-cold and detached. Micah wanted to scream. The show of concern should have thrilled her, but she doubted he truly gave a damn.


“Fine. Shallow wounds,” she lied. “How’s the human?” Micah looked at the dark-skinned beauty cradled almost gently by Caspian and suppressed the pang of jealousy she felt.


“Her heart rate is steadily decreasing. As soon as we are at the manor we need to assess whether she can be saved.”


By the time the car arrived at the manor, Micah was feeling incredibly weakened. She had lost a lot of blood but she was determined to help heal the human. Micah may be a warrior, but she also was a healer; she was hard-wired to help the innocent.


Caspian alighted and carried the human woman into the manor. Micah stepped out of the car, wanting to catch up with him but unable to as she felt her world spin. She reached out to stabilize herself against the limo. She focused on the feel of the cold metal against her palms as she gasped for air before forcing herself to move.


She entered the manor just in time to see Caspian moving gracefully up the spiraled staircase. It was a struggle but she climbed the stairs, knowing she was falling farther behind him.


Each breath she took was becoming more labored than the last. She didn’t know how much longer she could ignore the pain and dizziness that were a result of her near-fatal injuries, but she pressed on.

Breathless, Micah tried to keep up with Caspian, and just as she was started to wonder if she’d ever catch up with him, she reached the landing in time to see him enter a room that was separated from the other bedrooms. Another vampire, a petite female, followed him into the room almost immediately.


With painful effort, Micah forced herself to follow after the vampires. She reached the doorway at last and was about to enter the room when another wave of pain crashed through her.


It proved to be too much. All the color in her field of vision faded slowly to black, and a sudden heaviness pulled at her limbs. Too drained to fight any longer, she succumbed to the pull, her eyes rolling to the back of her head before she even hit the ground


Firestorm Ch. 01

Posted: February 20, 2011 in My Stories

Chapter One

Micah sat on her large black suitcase as she waited impatiently for someone to open the gates; she had been waiting for nearly an hour. Patience wearing thin, she pulled out her cell phone and opened the mobile web browser.

In times of utter boredom she searched the ‘net, finding it intriguing that there were so many interesting facts she could look up. She smirked and typed in the word ‘vampire’ and waited for the information to load.

Humans were in love with mystery and fantasy and had such vivid imaginations that their ramblings often made for entertaining reading. There was enough accurate information out there to make her suspect that human encounters with the objects of their fantasy were not entirely uncommon.

Reading through the web pages she bubbled with loud, uncensored laughter; some of the information were completely off base. Then again she wasn’t the expert on vampires; her experience was in fact limited to just one vampire. Skimming through search results, she noted a new forum post that speculated vampires might be able to shape shift. She filed that tidbit away as something she would have to research.

The gate unexpectedly made a metallic clunking sound before swinging open on automated hinges. Micah looked around the area but could not see who had finally opened the gate for her. Granted, it was 6pm and the sun had not fully set, but it wasn’t at its peak either. Vampires could be greatly weakened by UV light, but Caspian Black was no fledgling. He could withstand prolonged exposure to the sun without becoming incapacitated.

Micah stood and lifted her heavy bag; the weight didn’t bother her but the size of the suitcase made it difficult to lug. The house beyond the now-open gate was a mansion that could probably house over 50 vampires. Micah shook her head and wondered at the foolishness she was about to embark on. She was about to enter a mansion full of vampires knowing that they hated werewolves with an unmatched passion.

She walked down the long pathway before finally coming to a large oak door. Micah set her bag down and was about to knock when she hesitated, the nervousness that unexpectedly seeped through her staying her hand. She stood there, staring at the door for what seemed like an eternity.

She sighed deeply and took a deep breath, inhaling the sweet air. The slight but detectable scent of blood didn’t surprise her but it did make her more nervous.

The door was flung open, catching Micah off guard – a rare occurrence since she was a sentinel wolf.

The vampire that stood at the front door looked annoyed. He also looked like perfection personified. His short, dark hair contrasted sharply with his pale skin, and his piercing blue gaze seemed to be locked on her. Micah’s breath caught as words evaded her.

“Are you okay or have you lost all ability to speak or move?”

Micah frowned at the condescending tone the vampire used. “Sorry, but let’s just say I wasn’t exactly looking forward to meeting you. Not that vampires scares me; I just don’t like your kind.”

“Oh believe me, my dear, the feeling is mutual.”

The vampire moved aside and Micah stepped through the doorway, accidentally grazing him with her arm. Electricity shot through her every nerve-ending as she jumped in response.

“What?” he hissed as he stepped back, showing that he wasn’t as unaffected as he seemed. His piercing blue eyes narrowed on Micah, and she defiantly lifted her chin.

She was screaming inside. Sealing her mind off, she forced herself to concentrate on the mission instead of this new unavoidable complication that she couldn’t deny for long. Of all places to find her mate… a freaking vampire coven!

“I’m Caspian Black and you must be Micah.” He looked her over, lazily scanning the length of her sleek, well-toned form.

Micah was petite, standing at 5 foot 2 inches with a body that was small but toned to perfection. Her blood-red hair was pin straight, falling over her slender shoulders and settling halfway down her back. Her pale green eyes looked like stained glass.

The combination of features made her a stunning woman, and judging by the hunger reflecting so vividly in Caspian’s eyes, he too appreciated her beauty.

Micah watched as people stole quick glances at her from the long, spiral staircase that connected the three floors of the mansion. She didn’t like the attention and tried instead to focus on Caspian.

“Where am I staying? And can I meet your security team?” Micah asked as she retrieved her bag.

“Follow me,” Caspian muttered. He seemed to be getting more and more agitated.

Micah narrowed her eyes but followed silently as he led her through the ground floor, passing the curious gazes of Caspian’s coven. Micah could see how much respect his people had for him, giving him a low bow before backing off so Caspian could move freely through the corridors.

“This will be your room.”

The room wasn’t large; in fact it was small and cramped.  Micah smiled though. She hadn’t come from luxury and didn’t mind the room at all. She would have to change the colour scheme though; the purple and blue wallpaper was tacky and the matching blue furniture made her laugh.

“This room is reserved for guests such as yourself. I don’t think it’s a laughing matter,” Caspian hissed.

That remark only deepened her amusement. If this room was reserved for werewolves, it had probably been designed to irritate the visiting wolf so they would leave as quickly as possible.

“No, I feel honored that you’ve given me such a blue… I mean lovely room.” The mocking smile that graced her lips reached her eyes.

Caspian stared at her for a moment and looked at the room and then back at her. He resisted the smile that tugged at the corner of his lips. “Settle in. I’ll meet you later to discuss this arrangement.”

Micah nodded and walked inside what was going to be her home for… well, an undefined time. The bed in the room was a single, but it looked comfortable. She pressed her hand onto the mattress and smiled at the softness. At least she would have a decent night’s sleep.

Lying down and closing her eyes, Micah used her senses of hearing and smell to trace each member of Caspian’s coven. There were only 20 vampires in total. She had expected far more.

She pulled her bag onto the bed to rummage through her things before triumphantly pulling out a pack of sweets.

“Thank you, Kiki,” she said, before she unwrapped a chocolate bar. Kiki a.k.a Kiara was Micah’s Alpha. Kiara had recently found out she was of royal blood, and the bag of goodies Micah held was compliments of Kiara, although her Alpha didn’t know Micah had taken a few tasty treats from her personal stash.

“Don’t get too comfortable.”

Micah turned at the sound of the voice and watched as a male vampire walked into her room. She growled instinctively, not liking anyone entering what she now considered her personal territory.

The vampire that entered had the same ice blue eyes as Caspian. His black hair was extremely short, perhaps an inch in length.

“I don’t plan on making this,” she indicated the room, “my permanent home. And by the way, are you the welcoming committee? I hate to break it to you, but you’re not very welcoming.”

The vampire tried to look intimidating, which only made Micah stifle a laugh. She had seen the big bad wolf routine plenty of times before; this was the big bad vampire version.

“Wanna bite,” Micah teased as she held her chocolate bar out.

The vampire didn’t expect the strange wit that the little wolf possessed. He was intrigued.

“Leigh.” Caspian’s voice was unmistakable. He walked into Micah’s blue room, which was now getting far too crowded for comfort.

“You know, people usually ask before entering a room,” Micah said as she promptly stood up and pointed at the door. She wanted them gone.

“Sorry,” Caspian said, earning him a baffled look from the vampire he referred to as Leigh.

Micah sighed in relief when the two men left just as quickly as they appeared. She lay back down on the bed, her thoughts in turmoil as she stared up at the ceiling.

She was destined to be the mate of the vampire she was suppose to protect. There was no way in hell that she was going to accept that destiny. She would play babysitter, then go home and get back to her life.


“What the fuck was that, Caspian!” Leigh hissed, hitting his table with his fist.

Caspian sat calmly behind his desk as he toyed with a crystal paper weight. “I know what I’m doing,” he said while he continued to stare at the way the light in his office was reflected by the crystal.

“Yeah, keep telling yourself that,” Leigh said sarcastically.

The knock on the door startled both vampires; they were not used to being snuck up on. Whoever it was had been quiet and stealthy. Their scent had been masked so well that neither vampire could pick it up.

Micah walked in holding a small diary and pen. Caspian looked curiously at the pink pen that had a fluffy tail and the bright pink diary with butterflies all over its cover. Both items looked like they’d been designed for a child.

“Sorry, but I took the time to do a walk about,” she opened the diary where she had scribbled her observations. “The grounds of your mansion-”

Caspian stood up, interrupting her. “Couldn’t you wait until I summoned you?” He walked to the front of his deck and leaned back against the edge.

“Patient is a virtue I don’t possess,” Micah replied with a hint of guilt.

Caspian shook his head but smiled. “This is Leigh, my cousin and our Head of Security. He will show you around and brief you on what exactly your job entails.”

Micah glared at Leigh before flashing him a sweet smile.

Leigh hissed but turned and walked through the door where he paused with his back to them. “Coming?” he asked before he continued walking.

Micah turned to Caspian with a disgruntled look on her face. “Is he always an asshole or is that attitude solely reserved for me?”

Caspian chuckled and then composed himself. “I believe that attitude is reserved for you.”

“Oh wow, I feel so special,” Micah grumbled before turning to follow Leigh.


Leigh waited outside on the porch, when Micah finally joined him

“Firstly, what specialist wolf are you?”

“I’m a sentinel,” Micah said as she tied her hair back.

Leigh nodded and walked down off the risen porch.

Micah followed silently behind him, the grounds were so lush with greenery. Micah had to admit, she didn’t expect vampires to tend to their gardens so well. The large trees that surrounded the manor stood proud and tall and the stunning flowers grow near the edges of the building was a beautiful burst of colour.

Sniffing the air she felt the urge to shift, to feel the grass beneath her paws.

“Your primary duty will be to roam the grounds, alert us if any problem arises during the day.”

“So, I’ll bark when there’s trouble.”

Leigh smirked, “Pretty much, there are laser senses all over and a cctv system extensive enough to cover every inch of the ground. If we didn’t have difficulty awaking or are severely weaken by daylight, we wouldn’t need you”

Micah scribbled down the information about the security system.

“I’ll be the first line of defense kinda, give you’ll time to wake.” Micah added and Leigh nodded in the positive.

Leigh walked through the grounds and than through the halls of the mansion to the security room, located at the ground floor. The security room was larger than Micah’s blue room; she couldn’t help rolling her eyes.

The CCTV system was extensive and the lasers were strategically place.

Micah sat on a rotating chair in front of various monitors. The CCTV system was indeed extensive, and there wasn’t a single blind spot that she could detect.

Caspian had developed a very competent security system, it was well thought out. . He had everything he would require to secure the safety of his manor.

Leigh was an ass but he was efficient, knowing the manor like the back of his hand. He had told her the vulnerability of each access point, how an attacker would focus on a weak point and exploit it. He had placed safeguards to prevent any such attacks.

What Micah couldn’t figure out was why Caspian wanted her, because he certainly didn’t need her.

Leigh shoved a set of blueprints in front of her and waited for her to unroll them. Micah looked confused as ran her fingers across the blueprints, tracing the lines. She wasn’t used to using blueprints, it was first time she was expected to use them.

“Uhm…,”She started to say when Leigh leaned forward and turned to blueprints around.

“You were looking at it upside-down.” He said with amusement colouring his tone.

“Yeah, that’s the thing, how do you…you know, read this thing.”

Leigh sighed in annoyance but he showed her how the read the blueprints, showing her which area was indicated where on the paper. Micah was a quick study, and picked it up fast, earning herself reluctant praise from

“Not bad.” Leigh said

Her tummy grumbled and Micah couldn’t quite concentrate any longer, “I need to eat,” She said rolling the blueprints and handing them back to Leigh.

“Retire to your room and your food would be sent to you.”

When Micah returned to her room, it looker bluer, if that were even possible.”Blue WAS my favourite colour,” she sighed, walking across to the bathroom.

When she opened the door, she was pleasantly surprised to fine the small space cleaned to perfection, the white tile was so shiny that she could see the face reflected on the surface. There was a toilet on the far end with a tub that had curtains that was not surprisingly… blue in colour.

She walked in and made sure she left the door open, werewolves didn’t like such clamped spaces. They were the children of Luna with the love of the outdoors and wide opened spaces. Although Micah could tolerate the tiny rooms, she had limits to her tolerance.

There was a knock at her door and Micah’s tummy grumbled in response. When she opened the door she came face to face with Caspian holding a Styrofoam container. He had gotten her take out. The smell was delicious, so at least it was good take out.

“Thanks,” Micah said, reaching for the container.

“How trained are you?” Caspian asked.

Micah opened the container and gave Caspian a baffled look.”What do you mean?”

“Fighting techniques, weaponry…”Caspian began when Micah interrupted.

“I’m good with hand in hand combat; I have some skill with swords and daggers.” Micah said eyeing Caspian curiously.

Werewolves were talented warriors and as a beta, Micah was formidable. She had fought her way through the ranks earning her place, she wasn’t. Just beta female, she was beta to the entire pack.

“You will complete your duty, protecting the mansion while we sleep, when I awake I will test your skill in our arena.”

“Fine,” Micah agreed as she shut the door as Caspian left.

She hopped onto her bed; she ate a morsel of food and pushed the container aside. (Working on a scene)


The day began slowly, as Micah roamed through the manor and the grounds, it seemed her room was the only area that was so cramped, and the rest of the mansion was pure luxury. She loved the simple porcelain tile that covered the floors and the elegant carpet was the placed over the tile. Micah was barefoot, and she wore a demine shorts and a tank top, she wasn’t about to ruin anything expensive if she had to shift in a hurry.

The manor was so quite, and since wolves where instinctively social creatures, she was used to noise and chatter. She couldn’t stand the silence; she plugged in her earphones to her cell and played some of her favourite music. She loved rock since she found there to be such meaning to the words.

The day was uneventful and beyond boring. As the sun set, Micah yawned, sensing the vampires stirring. Who would have thought doing almost nothing was so tiring.

She was heading toward her room when she saw a group of vampires hanging around, they blocked her path. The unwelcome hisses didn’t faze her as she ignored them and about to walk pass when she spotted Caspian.

He looked as sexy as hell, even wearing a simple red shirt and formal pants. His moved so gracefully it reminded her of a predator stalking it prey.

Micah noted with some satisfaction that the hissing vampires seemed to disperse quickly. Caspian didn’t look any different than most of the vampires she’d seen but he obviously earned the respect his coven showed him.

“Uneventful day?” He asked, frowning, he looked Micah over, “I know werewolves usually hate wearing clothes but could you wear something less revealing.”

“If I shifted, I’d rip my clothes to shreds, I can’t really afford that and I’m here, instead of finding job.”

Caspian dug into his pocket and pulled out his wallet and handed her a credit card, Micah looked at the card like a kid in a candy store. Well Caspian may not know it but he was her mate, it was a fact the erased any bad feelings she might of had in spending his money.


“The arena is this way,” Caspian walked past the spiral staircase, to a door Micah assumed led to an office, well according to blueprints it was an office, when Caspian opened the door…it WAS an office.

Micah was about to open her mouth to say something but sealed her lips when Caspian walked across the office to another door. That room wasn’t anywhere on the blueprints, Micah rolled her eyes and followed Caspian.

The arena was massive, with everything a student of self-defense would need. In the certain was a large white mat. The red tinge was probable blood that was repeated washed off.

Caspian walked over to a set of wooden swords and throw one to Micah. She felt the weight of the wooden sword and knew it was solid wood and although it was safer than steel, it could inflict quite a bit of damage.

“Masters in this art consider themselves to be humble students, constantly striving for perfection and always feeling that they can execute a cut cleaner, faster and with more precision…” Caspian said

Micah positioned herself in a defensive stance, watched Caspian’s movement, judging his skill set in comparison to her own. He held the sword like it was an extension of him.

She waited for him to strike first, he move fast casting his sword out, aiming for her shoulder.

She moved back blocking the attack, strengthening her stance so she wouldn’t stumble. His attacks were quick, calculated and powerful.

Micah’s greatest assets were her speed and agility. She reacted to every attack with quick counter attacks. Caspian kept coming, attacking faster and more skillfully each time. He was toying with her.

Micah felt her anger spark as she missed her target again and again. As her frustrations grow she made mistakes and Caspian landed blows against her hip and shoulder. She ignored the stinging pain and continued to battle fiercely.

“I think that’s enough, “Caspian said, not sounding effected by the exertion of their battle.

The fact that she was struggling to keep up, while Caspian didn’t seemed at all impressed irritated her. She didn’t realize how much she wanted him to appreciate her capability.

Micah ignored Caspian’s order and continued to lunge her sword towards him. He seemed amused before growing bored and swung his own sword toward Micah’s.

Micah’s sword was thrown from the hand when Caspian landed a perfect strike against her knuckles. She followed the sword to see where it would land and felt a sudden almost violent tug before she was pressed up against Caspian’s sculpted chest.

“Fighting with your emotions riding so high will only serve to get you killed.” Caspian said his lips close to her ear.

She couldn’t help her body’s immediate reaction, her wolf howling to claim what was hers. She was losing control, and that thought sent fear racing through her as she tensed.

Caspian sensed the mixed emotion that stirred in Micah and wanted to release her but with her so close; he could smell the tantalizing scent of her blood.

He inhaled her scent deeply and found his grip tightening. She was living, breathing temptation. The soft sigh that escaped her lips had him hungry for more than just her blood.

His lips grazed the sensitive flesh of her neck; he felt the strong, pounding pulse of her blood. Caspian would have given anything to taste her at the very moment.

Micah was surrendering to the addictive sensation of having her mate so close.

“Ahem!” Leigh’s voice was sharp with disapproval.

The sudden noise in the silent room snapped both Caspian and Micah out of their haze. Caspian pushed her from him from like she had burnt him.

Micah felt wounded by his actions but shock it off, “If that’s all Lord Caspian, I’ll get back to my room.”

Caspian’s ice blue eyes soften for a moment before the coldness returned.

“Fine, we will continue training till you improve to a level I’m satisfied with.”

“Yeah.” Micah muttered and walked off.

. Leigh growled at Caspian his eyes rimmed with red.

“I asked you before, I’ll ask you again. What the fuck was that!” Leigh didn’t hide any of his rage.

“I need to train her; she wouldn’t stand a chance if I don’t at least prepare her.” Caspian defended his actions.

“She is a means to an end Caspian; don’t get attached to the wolf. Remember, you are honour bond.”

“I know, and if I didn’t for a moment remember cousin, I have you to constantly remind me!”

“Glad to be of service,” Leigh joked and then turned serious again, “when this all said and done, she is going to hate you.”

“I know.” Caspian said solemnly.


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Everyone struggles with their duality, a werewolf is an extreme example of a dual nature. Almost different entities inhabiting the same body.

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